Stay Safe with Steam

Vapour steam cleaning is an economical and environmentally friendly process to safely and effectively clean and sanitise a number of different surfaces. 

Vapour steam is particularly effective in the Healthcare and Hospital sectors, where hygiene and sanitation is crucial in order to help avoid contamination and the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI).

The cleanliness of hospitals is an ongoing issue which is frequently raised at national level – by MP’s, the media, and by hospital staff, patients and visitors.

In March 2009, The Scottish Government announced it would be spending £400,000 on 250 extra steam cleaning machines. Former Secretary of Health, Nicola Sturgeon said that steam cleaning was an effective method of reducing infections.

"Tackling healthcare-associated infections is my top priority, because it's vital that the public have confidence in the care they will receive if they need hospital treatment," she said.

"Steam cleaning is a parti…

Unhygienic, Eyesores That Litter Our Streets...

Yep you guessed it... CHEWING GUM!!

From a recent BBC article, more than 95% of the UK’s main shopping streets are gum-stained, according to Keep Britain Tidy, and councils spend £60m a year removing trodden-in gum from streets, said the Local Government Association (LGA).
The Knol, revolutionary chewing gum remover; the ‘Loesz’, is the perfect solution in order to say goodbye to the unhygienic eyesores that litter our streets. This product works in conjunction with our range of steam cleaning machines and is the best the way to get rid of that pesky gum!

Chewing gum is an environmental nuisance for local authorities, commercial property owners, transport companies and property management companies, who are responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of buildings, streets or commercial transport.

At Knol, we have invested significant development time over the last ten years to come up with economical and efficient solutions to the problem of removing chewing gum. This has resulted in a high…

There's a New UK Steam Team at Knol!

KNOL UK have some exciting new developments and additions to their product range and now have much more to offer both existing and new UK dealers
There’s now a new steam team at KNOL UK and already they’re making waves in the industry, with plans to increase their range further during 2018
Launched 1st Nov 2017 there are 3 major additions to the already well established KNOL range of steam cleaners and cleaning systems

Steam Generators

Firstly, Knol UK are launching their new range of fully portable high-volume steam generators, primarily for use in the car wash market where higher volumes of wet steam and portability are needed. The range includes a battery powered unit for ultimate portability, and hybrid models that combine steam and high pressure for added flexibility
Industrial Range

Secondly there’s 3 new models that are proving to be already popular in a competitive market. KNOL UK have introduced a 7Kw 9Kw and 11Kw version of the new Industrial vapour steam generator which is built …

Keep It Clean. Keep It Green. Keep It Knol.

Keep It Clean. Keep It Green. Keep It Knol. 

Vapour steam cleaning is an economical and environmentally friendly process to effectively clean and sanitise a number of different surfaces.

Knol vapour steam cleaning machines are suitable for industrial, professional and commercial use. Steam is highly effective for cleaning, sanitising and quickly drying a wide range of surfaces and equipment.

Knol provide a vast range of steam cleaning machines that can be used in many industries including; Food and Beverage, Transport, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Health and more.

Vapour steam is particularly effective in the food and beverage sector, where hygiene and sanitation are crucial in order to help avoid contamination. The vapour reduces the use of detergents, disinfectants and solvents, making this method of cleaning environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic.

Vapour steam is also great at eliminating serious problems of disposal, bad smells and toxic residues, which can cause issues in …