Keep It Clean. Keep It Green. Keep It Knol.

Keep It Clean. Keep It Green. Keep It Knol. 

Vapour steam cleaning is an economical and environmentally friendly process to effectively clean and sanitise a number of different surfaces.

Knol vapour steam cleaning machines are suitable for industrial, professional and commercial use. Steam is highly effective for cleaning, sanitising and quickly drying a wide range of surfaces and equipment.

Knol provide a vast range of steam cleaning machines that can be used in many industries including; Food and Beverage, Transport, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Health and more.

Vapour steam is particularly effective in the food and beverage sector, where hygiene and sanitation are crucial in order to help avoid contamination. The vapour reduces the use of detergents, disinfectants and solvents, making this method of cleaning environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic.

Vapour steam is also great at eliminating serious problems of disposal, bad smells and toxic residues, which can cause issues in this kind of setting.

Not only does vapour steam get rid of visible substances, such as dirt, oil and grease, etc., it will also work to get rid of those pesky germs, bacteria and other microorganisms that cannot be seen by the human eye, right down to the pores of the contaminated surface.

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