There's a New UK Steam Team at Knol!

KNOL UK have some exciting new developments and additions to their product range and now have much more to offer both existing and new UK dealers

There’s now a new steam team at KNOL UK and already they’re making waves in the industry, with plans to increase their range further during 2018
Launched 1st Nov 2017 there are 3 major additions to the already well established KNOL range of steam cleaners and cleaning systems

Steam Generators

Firstly, Knol UK are launching their new range of fully portable high-volume steam generators, primarily for use in the car wash market where higher volumes of wet steam and portability are needed. The range includes a battery powered unit for ultimate portability, and hybrid models that combine steam and high pressure for added flexibility

Industrial Range

Secondly there’s 3 new models that are proving to be already popular in a competitive market. KNOL UK have introduced a 7Kw 9Kw and 11Kw version of the new Industrial vapour steam generator which is built onto a standard chassis to ease production time and costs. The high spec machine is therefore less expensive to produce and carries a lower price tag for the end user

Vacuum Cleaners

To compliment the range of vapour steam cleaners and steam generators, KNOL UK are also bringing a whole new range of vacs into their growing portfolio. However, the range isn’t limited to dry or wet and dry tub vacs. The range boats both standard and specialist machines along with Type H hazardous vacs, air driven safety vacs and a selection of ATEX rated machines. 

With plans for much more in 2018 the KNOL UK steam team are excited at the new prospects with much more to offer its dealer base. The established range already includes steam cleaners for commercial, professional and industrial sectors that include food, hygiene, graffiti and the more traditional markets, and KNOL UK already have an extensive and established range of steam cleaners for all these applications 


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